Radius Moto Tear Offs


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You don’t flinch. The mud, rock, sand, dust and debris in front of you aren’t an obstacle; they’re an invitation. And you’re going in with eyes wide open. KLIM’s premium laminated tear-offs keep you on pace with a clear view that defends you from your surroundings. These tear-offs feature the best in laminate technology meaning light won’t reflect between layers, moisture and humidity won’t penetrate the layers, and dirt, mud, or debris won’t impede your vision. The tabs are easy to grab and deploy to refresh your view as you battle through your terrain. Each pack comes with two laminated stacks of seven tear offs (that’s 14 total). And we’re all about tearing it up as you ride, but please dispose of your laminates properly.
Compatible with both Radius Moto Pro and Radius Moto Goggle versions.




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